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Scanning services tailored to your business
  • OCR
  • Scan on demand
  • Back scanning
  • Project scanning
  • High speed scanning

We offer the programs, processes and technologies to effectively and efficiently manage your data electronically. Whether you want to convert all of your documents to integrate into your information management software system or just want to digitise the some files, we have the solution for you.​​

Our scanning and data capture software allows us to deliver a first-class service of converting all traditional formats to digital. Scanning conventional paperwork is just the tip of the iceberg.

Converted images are available in a choice of file formats including TIFF, JPEG and PDF. Text-delimited indexes are attached to the files and recorded onto a variety of media options. We also provide conversion of digital TIFF documents to an analogue archive format for low-cost long-term archiving, disaster recovery and access.

We design and implement a custom-made solution to enable you to capture information digitally on your choice of smart device.


Our systems and innovative technology allow us to handle all manner of projects, no matter what size, from small to high volume.
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