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Having digital documents in your business has powerful advantages. Finding, capturing and using the data inherent in your documents will help improve the way your business works.

Your documents contain “meta-data” such as invoice numbers, dates, customer or client codes, asset numbers, ABNs, addresses, names, product descriptions, licence numbers and so on.

We can show you how to leverage your data to make your documents locatable, portable and add value — instead of just being a static piece of paper.

Consider these tangible benefits to your business:

• Reduced costs and quick access to information.
• More space. Clear out your filing cabinets, compactuses and storage rooms!
• Document security, easy information sharing and a portable workforce.
• Significantly mitigate risk of theft, loss or damage.
• You will be better placed to handle future company growth.

Gary Evans
David Hood

With over 25 years experience in the imaging industry. Gary has successfully run his business on the Mid North Coast for the past 12 years. He is actively involved in the community through sponsorships and support. 

David has been in the imaging business for over 20 years beginning as an apprentice when he was sixteen in Coffs Harbour. Since then he has travelled the world working for numerous imaging companies. He has settled back in his home town and started a family.


David has been involved in the industry from its analogue infancy through to its almost fully digital current state.

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