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Step 1: Project Scoping 

In a detailed assessment we’ll scope what’s involved & analyse your documents to determine the best approach.
• Non-disclosure agreement signed
• Test documents taken, processed & scanned

Step 2: Report on Recommendations

Our recommendations report will also look your options, so you’re well equipped to make a decision.
• We will give you cost comparisons, demonstrate using actual test documents & present a project budget
• Consideration is given to disaster recovery
• Final destination of digital documents is decided
• Decision point

Step 3: Document Pick Up

Your documents will be picked up by a dedicated, secure courier at an agreed date and time.
• They will be treated as confidential freight & shipped directly to our facility

Step 4: Preparation and Processing 

Our expert staff will prepare your documents for scanning including…
• Repairing creased documents
• Removing staples
• Separating bound documents


We can guarantee the best possible complete capture of your images.
• We use high-resolution, industrial-grade hardware
• Our hardware includes built in fail-safes and security features
• Multi-feed detection allows for de-skewing & orientation correction

Step 5: Scanning 
Step 6: Software Enhancement 

This includes…
• Capturing your metadata
• Naming and sorting your files with a pre-determined structure
• Validating your files against spreadsheets & databases if available

Step 7: Digital Delivery and Destruction

Once scanned we make your digital documents available for download from the cloud. We can also provide them to you on a portable hard drive. In many cases we can file your digital documents directly into an application or system.
After you review the digital version of your documents — and with your permission — we arrange the secure destruction of your paper files.

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